Top 3 The Best Mug Press For Sublimation (NEW Buying Guide)

Choosing the best mug press for sublimation mug printing

Which the best mug press for sublimation mug printing? Sublimation mug printing has become increasingly popular for creating personalized and vibrant designs on various surfaces, with mugs being a favorite canvas for many.

To achieve professional and long-lasting results, investing in a high-quality mug press is essential.

In this article, I explore the key features to consider and highlight some of the best mug press options available for the sublimation mug printing business.

WOOKRAYS tumbler sublimation heat press machineMaterial: Ceramic, plastic, metal
Voltage: 110 V
Wattage: 590 watts
Gigu tumbler heat press machineMaterial: Metal
Dimensions: (L x W x H): 14.9 x 13.4 x 10.1 in
Weight: 17.96 Ibs
BetterSub 3in1 tumbler mug heat press machineMaterial: Metal
Voltage: 110 V
Wattage: 350 watts

WOOKRAYS tumbler sublimation heat press machine

Topping this list are the WOOKRAYS and what I noticed, let’s figure it out. The WOOKRAYS tumbler sublimation mug press machine appears to be a versatile and comprehensive solution for sublimating various drinkware, including tumblers and mugs ceramic. Let’s break down the key features based on the provided information.

best mug press for sublimation

Key features

Compatibility. The mug presses are designed to accommodate a range of drinkware sizes, including 30 oz, 20 oz, and 16 oz straight coffee cups, as well as 18 oz, 13 oz, 11 oz, and 15 oz mugs ceramic. This versatility is advantageous for users looking to personalize a variety of items.

Power and efficiency. With a power rating of 590W, the mug presses should provide sufficient heat to facilitate the sublimation process effectively. Ensure that the temperature is adjustable to meet the specific requirements of different substrates.

Accessories included. The inclusion of transfer papers, heat-resistant gloves, and tape is a convenient addition. These accessories can enhance the sublimation process and contribute to a smoother mug printing machine experience.

DIY capability. The mention of “DIY” suggests that the standard mug presses are user-friendly and suitable for individuals who enjoy creating personalized gifts at home.

Look for clear instructions to ensure ease of use, especially for those new to the sublimation mug printing machine.

Versatility. The ability to handle both tumblers and ceramic coffee mugs adds to the mug presses versatility. This feature allows users to explore various sublimation projects, making it a valuable tool for creative endeavors.

Heat-resistant gloves and tape. The provision of heat-resistant gloves and tape is essential for user safety. Sublimation involves working with high temperatures, so having the right protective gear is crucial.


  • Ability to handle a variety of items such as tumblers, and mugs in different sizes and shapes, allowing for greater creativity flexibility.
  • Easy to use.


  • Less accurate temperature sensors.

Gigu tumbler heat press machine

The next machine Gigu and what I highlighted for myself. The Gigu tumbler mug press machine sounds like a comprehensive solution for sublimation printing on a variety of drinkware. Let’s explore the key features based on the information provided.

Key features

Compatibility. The mug heat press machine is designed for sublimation blanks such as a 20oz-30oz tumbler press and an 11-16oz mug. This broad compatibility allows users to work with different sizes of drinkware, providing flexibility for various projects.

Versatility. The mention of compatibility with different items like coffee mugs, cups, and glass water bottles suggests versatile heat presses suitable for a range of DIY projects. This is valuable for users looking to personalize a variety of items.

Included accessories. The inclusion of sublimation paper, heat tape, and gloves is a practical addition. Sublimation paper is essential for transferring designs, while heat tape helps secure the transfer in place. Heat-resistant gloves are crucial for safety during the handling of hot items.

DIY capability. The reference to “DIY” indicates that the mug presses are user-friendly and suitable for individuals interested in creating personalized items at home. Clear instructions and easy setup contribute to a positive user experience.

Heat transfer efficiency. It’s important to ensure that the mug heat press machine provides efficient and even heat distribution. This feature is crucial for achieving high-quality and consistent sublimation prints on different drinkware surfaces.


  • It uses a fast sublimation process.
  • Printed designs are clear and vibrant.
  • There is a digital display.


  • Limited temperature settings.

BetterSub 3in1 tumbler mug heat press machine

My top list is completed by the best mug press machine from the BetterSub brand and here is my feedback. The BetterSub 3in1 the best mug press machine appears to be a versatile and inclusive tool for sublimation printing on a variety of drinkware. Let’s delve into the key features based on the provided information.

Key features

3-in-1 capability. The mention of 3-in-1 capability indicates that this best mug press machine is designed to handle multiple types of drinkware, including straight skinny tumblers, mugs of different sizes (11 oz, 15 oz, 16 oz), and shot glasses (3 oz, 1.5 oz). This versatility is advantageous for users seeking a single heat presses for various sublimation projects.

Tumbler compatibility. The mug presses are specified to work with 30 oz, 20 oz, and 16 oz sublimation straight skinny tumblers. This wide range of compatible tumbler sizes allows for creativity and customization in designing different tumblers.

Mug compatibility. The mug presses accommodate different mug sizes, including the common 11 oz and 15 oz mugs, as well as a 16 oz sublimation mug.

This flexibility is useful for users who want to personalize various mug sizes.

Sublimation shot glass capability. The inclusion of 3 oz and 1.5 oz shot glass compatibility adds another dimension to the mug presses’ versatility, making it suitable for those interested in sublimating smaller items.


  • Manual control of the operating temperature and time.
  • There is a digital display.


  • Emits a strong odor when it heats up.

A mug press for sublimation

A mug press for sublimation is a heat press machines’ design specifically for applying sublimation prints onto mugs. Sublimation is a printing process that uses heat and pressure to transfer dye onto various materials, creating vibrant and durable designs.

Here’s how a mug presses for sublimation typically works:

  1. Temperature control. The best mug press machines allow precise control of the temperature. Sublimation requires high temperatures to turn the ink into a gas that bonds with the mug surfaces of the mug.
  2. Pressure adjustment. The press usually has an adjustable pressure mechanism to ensure even heat distribution and proper adhesion of the sublimation ink.
  3. Mug compatibility. The best mug press machines come with a mug attachment or fixtures that are specifically designed to hold press mugs securely during the sublimation process. These fixtures accommodate different mug sizes and shapes.
  4. Timer function. Sublimation requires a specific amount of time for the heat and pressure to transfer the ink onto the mug. A built-in timer helps control the duration of the heat press machines cycle.
  5. Safety features. High-quality mug press machines often include safety features such as overheating protection and automatic shut-off to prevent accidents and protect the equipment.

When using the best mug press for sublimation the process typically involves printing a design onto sublimation paper using special sublimation inks. The printed design is then wrapped around the mug, and secured with heat resistance tape.

The mug is placed into the press, and heat and pressure are applied, causing the sublimation ink to transfer from the paper to the mug surface.

Using a dedicated mug press ensures consistent and professional results, allowing individuals and businesses to create personalized and high-quality sublimated mugs for various purposes, including gifts, promotional items, or resale.

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Steps to using a mug press

Using a mug press for sublimation involves a series of steps to ensure that the design is properly transferred onto the mug’s surface. Here’s a general guide on how to use a mug press:

Materials needed:

  1. Sublimation printer and ink.
  2. Sublimation paper.
  3. Heat-resistant tape.
  4. Blank sublimation mug.
  5. Mug press machine.


Design preparation. Create or select a design using graphic design software compatible with your sublimation printer. Ensure that the design fits the dimensions of your mug and t-shirts.

Printing. Load sublimation mag into your sublimation printer. Print the design onto the sublimation mag using sublimation inks. Be sure to mirror the image before mug printing.

Mug preparation. Ensure the mug is clean and free of any dust or debris. Wrap the sublimation paper around the mug, positioning the design where you want it. Secure the paper with warm-resistant tape. Make sure the design is smooth and free of wrinkles.

Mug press setup. Turn on the mug press and allow it to reach the desired temperature. Refer to the sublimation mag and mug specifications for the correct temperature setting.

Mug placement. Open the mug press and place the mug and t-shirts with the attached sublimation mag into the mug press fixture. The ensure plate presses design is facing outward.

Closing the press. Close the mug and press gently but firmly to apply even pressure. The heat press will typically latch or lock to maintain pressure during the heat transfer vinyl process.

Heating element process. The mug press will have a timer. Set the timer based on the recommended time for your specific mug and sublimation t-shirts. The best mug heat press machines transfer the design from the paper to the sublimation mugs surface.

Cooling and removal. Once the timer goes off, open the heat press carefully. Use heat-resistant gloves to remove the mug. Allow the mug to cool completely before handling or removing the sublimation mag.

Final inspection. Peel off the sublimation mug to reveal the transferred design. Check for any imperfections or areas that may need improvement.

Final touches. Wipe the mug with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove any residue from the sublimation mag.


What heat press should I buy for sublimation?

When choosing the best mug heat press for sublimation, consider factors such as temperature control, pressure adjustment, timer function, mug compatibility, durability, and ease of use. Some popular choices include the WOOKRAYS tumbler sublimation mug heat press. Look for a model that fits your specific needs and budget.

What is the best mug for sublimation?

The best mug for sublimation is typically one that is coated with a special polymer layer that allows the sublimation inks to adhere properly. White mugs ceramic are commonly used for sublimation, but you can also find stainless steel, polymer, or color-changing mugs. Ensure that the mug is coated specifically for sublimation to achieve vibrant and long-lasting prints.

Can you use Cricut Mug Press for sublimation?

The Cricut Mug Press is designed specifically for Infusible Ink, which is a different process from sublimation. While they share similarities, it’s essential to use the correct equipment for each method. The Cricut Mug Press is not suitable for sublimation, and using it for that purpose may result in inconsistent or unsatisfactory results.

What heat press setting for ceramic mug sublimation?

The mug heat press settings for ceramic mug sublimation can vary based on the specific sublimation mug presses you are using. However, as a general guideline:

Temperature. Set the mug heat press to around 380-400°F.
Time. Typically, a pressing time of 3-5 minutes is sufficient for sublimating ceramic mugs.
Pressure. Adjust the pressure according to the recommendations of your mug heat press, ensuring even distribution for a consistent print.

What type of paper is used for mug printing?

The paper used for mug printing through sublimation is called transfer paper for sublimation.

How do you transfer an image onto a mug?

You transfer an image onto a mug through sublimation using a heat press.

Does the Cricut Mug Press work with all types of mugs?

The short answer is yes, the Cricut Mug Press works on all types of mugs.


Investing in the best mug press for sublimation printing is crucial for achieving professional and durable results. Consider factors like temperature control, pressure adjustment, and overall build quality when making your decision.

The recommended best mug press machine mentioned above is just a starting point; make sure to research and choose the one that best fits your specific needs and budget. With the right mug press, you can unlock endless possibilities for creating personalized and visually stunning sublimated mugs.

After evaluating all the advantages and disadvantages, the best choice is considered WOOKRAYS tumbler sublimation mug heat press.






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